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Looking after the physical body...

Over the next month or so, classes will be themed around the koshas, which are said to be the layers that make up your body and surround the soul.

The first of these layers is the Annamaya Kosha - our physical body and is influenced by the food we eat, how we feel, and our day-to-day experiences.

Yoga is about your whole life, so the aim here is to acknowledge and look after our bodies, but also to dive deeper and understand that we're more than our physical existence.

By acknowledging and looking after this “outer layer”, we set ourselves on a path to explore deeper aspects of ourselves, aiming for a fuller sense of well-being.

I recommend a lovely nourishing recipe I made tonight. ‘Shredded Roti with Red Cabbage and Carrot’ It’s from ‘Fresh India’ by @meerasodha

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