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a breath for winter solstice

As we approach the longest night of the year, winter invites us to turn inward and embrace moments of stillness. In the canvas of the universe, the solstice reminds us of the balance between light and dark.

Just as nature slows down and prepares for renewal, we too can find peace in the rhythms of our breath. Incorporating yoga breathing techniques can be grounding, helping us connect with our inner selves; especially useful at Christmas, which can be a difficult, as well as hectic time.

Pranayama (yogic breathing) guiding us through the chilly and rather grey winter. The mindful breathing practice we did in class last week is a reminder that even amidst the longest night, there's peace within us- try it whenever you need a moment of peace over the next few weeks:

Find a comfortable seated position. Curl the top of your index finger and place the nail of this finger beneath the tip of your thumb. Take several long, slow, even breaths. Notice the breath at your nostrils. Observe what happens in your body as you breathe in.

Then move the index finger to the middle crease of the thumb. Repeat your long, slow breaths. Once again observe the breath, notice if your inhale feels any different with the thumb here?

Finally move the index finger tip to the base of the thumb. Continue with your observation, noting any differences. Stay here for as long as you feel necessary.

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