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A bit about me and my classes....

I run small, friendly yoga classes in Kingston upon Thames and Ham.

St Luke's Church is a slightly larger venue. I use both of their halls, though I have a maximum capacity of about 9 people. We have a little more space for movement.

Parade's End Books is lovely, calm and intimate space with room for 6-7.

Because of my small class sizes, I normally offer individual alignment advice, which you don't always get in a larger class.

My classes suit beginners as they are slower paced and I explain the breathing techniques, and give alignment advice. You can ask a question any time, or you can rest in child's pose if you need to -it's a non competitive practice, so please be led by your body and mind.

My classes also suit those with more experience as I offer different pose options- I've been practicing yoga myself for about 16 years, and I still find I can experience even familiar poses, like Warrior 2, in different ways!

I hope to see you in class soon!

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