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The balance between commercialism and authenticity.

So when you come to one of my classes, you won’t necessarily find a workout, because I don’t really think that’s what yoga is about. As I mention on my home page though, I do teach some challenging poses and sequences. But these are not necessarily challenging because they require you to put your legs behind your head (I’d never in a million years do that, btw!) – they are challenging because I ask you to practice your asana (poses) with attention and awareness. And if you do this, you will also find that the poses require a certain engagement of the muscles and the mind, which is a challenge.

So you will leave the class feeling different, and some of my students say they ‘feel’ the practice in their physical bodies the day after. With our focus on pranayama (breathwork) each week, you will also feel calmer, your mind will feel less distracted.

I feel comfortable with teaching like this. I feel its authentic to yoga and me. But it’s not necessarily the most commercially rewarding way to teach. I wonder if this is because people are looking for a more physical approach to the practice? I’m not saying though, that I want to be a martyr to the yoga cause- I have to admit, I want to be financially rewarded for what I do, so there is a fair exchange of energy. My mission though, is to be authentic to myself, to the roots of yoga and also make a living.

I’ve called it relaxing yoga, partly as I feel I need to give it a name and partly due to this tricky thing called SEO. See, there it is – commercialisation in practice. Anyway, if you would like to do yoga Kingston or yoga in Richmond, do drop in!

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