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If you spend a lot of time sitting, your hip flexors (front of thighs) may get a little tight.

Practice back bends to stretch your hip flexor muscles, including the psoas. Back bends also contract and strengthen the hamstrings, back muscles and glutes (to stabilise your lower back).

They’re energetically invigorating, so try a few when you need an energy boost.

Here are a few poses to try:

Stand in Tadasana. Connect with your breath. Take several smooth, even breaths and notice your abdomen rise. Observe the connection of your feet to the earth. Perhaps even shift your weight from side to side until you feel grounded. Inhale, lift arms to sides of ears, ensuring your navel is drawing towards your spine.

Warrior 1

Stand with feet hip width apart. Step your right foot back, hips still face forward, and right toes now point to front right corner of mat. Draw navel to spine. Bend front knee so it's over the front ankle. Inhale, raise the arms and hold for several breaths.


Lie on your front. Draw your elbows beneath your shoulders so that forearms and palms are lightly pressing the ground. Lift your chest. Ensure tops of feet press into the floor and lift your kneecaps to engage the lower back. Gaze forward between the hands. Hold for several breaths.

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