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Muladhara Cakra

A balanced Muladhara, or root cakra, offers us a stable foundation upon which to build our lives. Without a solid base, we are transient and flighty. This is why the principle of grounding, feeling one’s connection to the earth and having a strong sense of our foundation, which we frequently explore in yoga, is so important.

Flightiness and anxiousness can often be witnessed in individuals we encounter in daily life, but Anodea Judith, in Eastern Body, Western Mind refers to “disconnection from the body”… being a “cultural epidemic…disconnected from our body, our actions become compulsive, no longer ruled by consciousness or rooted in feelings.” [1]

The reference to the mind/body disassociation is more relevant in our highly digitised society than ever before. We are bombarded with trivia and an excess of information, which can leave us in a constantly hyperactive and overstimulated state. Additionally, in the West, we used to live in small intransient communities, but now rely more on digital media to make connections with others. These intangible ways of connecting can only increase our imbalance in Muladhara cakra, which governs our sense of self, trust and family stability.

Physically this cakra is located at the base of our spine, but as our connection to the earth is predominantly through our feet, Muladhara cakra also pertains to the feet, legs and pelvic floor. Therefore, standing asanas, which promote strength in the legs and a strong foundation, can be beneficial for balancing this cakra. Join me at St Luke's Church in Kingston and at Ham Parade Book Shop to bring your awareness to your body, calm your mind and consider yoga's ancient teachings. #yogaforbeginners #yogakingston #yogarichmond

[1]Judith, Eastern Body, Western Mind, p54

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